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The Skill The Will Mind Body and Heart

I was there alone in my mind worried about my presentation in a group of thirty in my Critical thinking class,

which I enjoyed as a book club at the time it felt fly and vibrant.

There she was my eyes locked in on the hype, the emotion ,the commitment ,me a young man

not loading you on screen to view to see to know exist ,

but reading you from a book with no pictures In class erect for lessons ,

maybe not as funny as my not so much comic reliefs comes to want to be

Yes however me finding it to stay focus while reading

I would agree it can get boring or frustrating to keep reading and reading .

You ever have to take a break from staring at a book or a pile of documents.

Sort of different than staring at current computer screens but to make a modern comparison like long staring at a computer screen.

Or phone I met her by opening her pages not broken heart

but eager to heal to learn to be guided

Reading pages in between breaks I became lustful for every chapter.

Mean While Studying for a class notes that In my opinion was about learning to think out of the box. No point intended as current slang could have me jokingly batted at for out of the BOX,

Yet for me I dont mind especially since when you listen closely no ones like to keep it as just being a box.

I will hop in the Ocean alone myself on that claim

Even then as a young hungry writer for reading it ,

was like deeper than loosing my virginity.

Question does being a virgin alone means to be sex 'ed

Does love and other virtues count as places of Virginity

As a young striving writer swinging for the fences

At the time most success desires wanted a book deal but

didnt know how to get there.

Reading writing just was not the business for me

Another day another topic

When I met Zane as a writer the curves in the paragraphs ,

the pauses in the climax

the variation of love pain lust

commitment for me yes I felt upon checking out my second novel by her It meant I wasnt a Virgin no more ...Hahaha My new genX LOL

and to you my long reader Laugh out muthafuccon loud bleep out the misspell yourself if necessary

I know that was long trust me I have gotten the request to use the literary skills of Writting everything correctly which I am okay with especially when its words that require the appropriate spelling to show any amount of intelligence.

I am also very greatful for the new short hand that Social media has granted

the time it takes to be a writer putting out content has long strayed from needing a publisist launch and or an ads running firm

going viral is the new gold strike for some it seems no matter for what the things it has allowed to be compensated for is quite remarkable.

Oh and earlier

I refer to missing Zane who hasnt left quite honestly I havent been reading much which Im currently searching to re light that fire so maybe you will be able to tell if I do or not with in my writing to you.

Im making reference because for a time copywriting was a thing to me

I was doing it with out being aware of what it was.

Its not a bad thing either,

People make millions of dollars daily for copy writing

Yeah and do I wish I knew It then cant quite figure out the learning part with out living through the experience

Just say copy writing Zane had my Game On Fleek more slang (Refference Google)

re-writing the format in Critical thinking class had me Icing the exam I was on weeks of having a 95% in my first business Critical thinking class

Night before finals I was in route to taking my mother home and

For a reason I later learned from a technicality my American Driver license

Was not a California License

and I gathered best I could my whole final presentation

in hand as officers towed my vehicle

my mother my brother and I stood waiting for a ride.

Which from there making it to class to show my grand finale in project which I had been using the style from

due to my extra curricular activity of reading.

Left me scratching my head.

With out to much thought but much hassle as to figuring how to get my car back before class as it was about a 40 mile ride.

I decide to ride the bus I needed to finish the chapters anyway.

So after a two hour ride I made it to class feeling more resilient more intune as my now I know to be copywriting had me feeling I am going to be an amazing writer out the gate

Suited in fine stiched draped in gold and Inglewoods Finest shoes.

I met with my group project trying to be unphased by the prior evenings

event but intune more

as I dove deeper into learning to appreciate writing and not question its worth and actually hoped to meet and pay more.

Great VALUE allowed me to deliver and stay the course and more

in the box in an out of the box thinking course.

Shortly after i purchased another vehicle

and was back in motion and in good faith

that I would be well on my way

Instead I was further taught about driving laws

because the day of finals I was arrested and thrown in jail on the day of finals.

In my cell head held down felt so much defeat

First off failing the final would lower a grade 30 to 40 percent I lost that battle.

By receiving a D minus at the end of class which means looking back by the book and on paper I just didnt get it right.

his Critical thinking skills are more than questionable.

Yet my superbness in serving an amazing project pushed me to having a 99.1 percent

in the class upon not even taking the final it dropped my grade to 60.4 D- (which almost failure is where almost definitely counts On paper)

and in a cell I had to summons the strength to not be angry to no cry and complain upon unfairness but move on

so from there

other business inquiry began to judge me by what they have whats on Paper

basically says I dont know what Im doing.

You ever have something stolen from you?

Thats what had almost happen to me roaming feeling like something had been stolen my work my time my commitment

but what was complaining going to do?

I could have just retaken the class maybe at the time however these were very expensive classes so actually


(reading Continued)

I didnt have the doe to retake it.

Instead because of the writer helping me in the first place had my mind my body and my heart and even tho the unfair events had transpired

The wood was been prepped to keep the fire burning , live and learn.

I decided what I had learned could not be taken away

to really beable to have good business solution when it takes going out of the box.

Which for me meant a place to excel in my way of abnormal thinking

To be a solution for my class I was in

At the time copywriting Zane was the solution.

All though I did not get the A plus I was thriving for ,

I left with keeping the highs the places where I excelled

and also really got to know myself

No matter what some one else sees on papers or documents we were made to be more Body Mind and Heart sometimes can not be Boxed into a sheet of Opinions,

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