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Power Of The Blog

Im A Writer that after all the typing classes I cant still type ,

Its slow and long and whenever I catch a vibe,

its like my attempts to type word for word gets lost in the realm of Convincing self Im just better on paper.

Could tap out constantly to that point.

I have piles of flows some rap notes some note theories on E-commerce

Im an Ill MC.

The crowds for me has grown and my library book references are getting reviews!

(Checked Out) Books

However here I am in typing still trying to edit before the editor. (Which Im my own Editor)

Im learning new patience of self

Ive learned the ability to just go I have to type and reread later,

Still though nothing like it ,

to me late studio nights pulling out a pen and Paper getting in the mode to deliver some dope flows.

Its gotten me opportunities,

I went from only thinking of book sell outs ,that seem very difficult to achieve.

With no signed deal (book deal)

Rapping a book about some dope flows.

Yet the power of a blog could pretty much catch

and now turn over crypto well enough to light up your night and life.

It could basically amplify 12 16s x 16 and equate to bigger and better customers 1$ opportunities to thousands of dollars of opportunity.

For you non MC Rapper readers my reference to twelve sixteens is a rap reference, to making 16 bars which is normally a song feature length of writing or freestyles on a rap song ,

and multiplying those efforts by 12 to make money.

Which For the most successful of MC's a 16 can be millions. Lingo sounds like a

100k for a Feature

The time to get there is work!

No easy task !

I would never say that,

to me thats like saying tattoos do not hurt.

I would never promote that.

However good Ink last long ,and If you pay for it its normally worth it in my opinion.

Anyway ,Blogs in a business aspect ,are a way to get new customers , Writers searching for ways to generate income from your writing.

As a writer we have Highlights of Possibilities

Some dream of sell out concerts for reciting dope lyrics .

For some its closing high profile cases.

Actually many others remain in the indescribable or unrecognized category

and are able to show case there skill of casting and scripting mega cinema debuts

or at least attempting to.

My point however the power of blog,

one can catapult a company success to these measures of existence.

Most know this which is why some choose the route of attaching to whats already hot to get someones attention.

Not a shot at anyone I love checking out information from trusted sources about my favorite people often.

For you however my reader when you came across the site looking and perhaps curiosity hits because this may be your first time reading with me.

The Power of a Blog , like dude give me the secret already Right?

You could be wondering whats that has to do with MoneyDollA Records,

which is a name that purposely sounds like something I did not create


Well because Money is everywhere and we all have different amounts ,

some are very rich with Money and some are very poor.

It is the way of our world for past generations and generations yet to come.

The reason why it sounds so familiar well because most of us where Im from have records,

shot records,

on the street slang for records ,is a different meaning its when someone says you dont even got a record.

Which normally refers to time incarcerated.

Bank Records which for most of the masses is a touchy subject.

Like I said rich or poor.

Bank records for billionaires which Im not yet,

I have to wonder for now to be a good or even great feeling.

I dont know yet I plan to ask as many of them as possible to find out. (Goals)

For many however Bank records lead to Debt and that can be a very dark place for many, which is another topic for another time.

Off topic ?


Just painting the picture of a clear momentum pendulum swing.

The Power of A Blog for MoneyDollA Records is a form of energy,

to Attract that very thing MoneyDollA Records in customers,

in students , in readers , in clients ,

in proof of work reported to the IRS.

All jokes aside The Power of A Blog can be considered only mere opinion.

Yet in the world where online space is ever so growing and becoming forever more so important , in a place where one social post can cause the darkest of realities to manifest

or even the capability to create life changing success or fame and or riches.

The Power of A Blog could be crushing or it can be uplifting.

The Power of a Blog lead me to trying ,to learning

lead me to building my brand online,

Thank You For reading.

Please check out some of My new Gear ,products or link with me on Facebook or Instagram if we havent already.

If you like this post leave a comment


Again thank you for reading and remain vigilant my friend.

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