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Loud Quietness

A place another location a writer drifting take notes on note pads sharing jazzy sounds and cool rhythmic speach no yaah i do.

Pass time reading the logos on cool fashion brands oh am i the only one.. 

Books lost my ti be greatest hits, 

 no book release ,no film release etcetera. 

We shall overr come .

Those were really long stories anyway

But really to me my book right my journal, which we most were issued to have since grade school. 

 Thus item Has been an item for me i have experienced lavish royalties for a lot of literature thievery. 

The very act of blogging pulls me closer to my work dream of not working but being on vaction and working on some other work recieving a notification that one of my loose pages were found by someone like you. 

I cant sell you the book i no longer have 

Publishing rights and agreements a whole bucnh of other litigation involved but in here standing because MoneyDollA Records is an idea I believe in Its Pure product! and Services ! 

As far as to writing well  to get back to customers?

my core belief is again back to just my journal 

we all have one notes, scrathy marks numbers, letters if your like me little funny cartoons on the bottom right hand corner 

Yet to target market before a service to new and potential  readers and opinions.

My notes were to pass the class. 

Always my customer one who has yet to buy but im optimistic .That first journal.

Then 2 there is a very famous late 90's and early 2000's blogger to wish upin a star huh.

These days you have to be super tech wizard or grand at sales right. 

You ever read a post so long and say What the  Fuck I read that for ..

Great so before 

its mine

those estate pages

 filled to place in wine bottles to cross on the sea tides ,notes in wine bottles

 radio signals to space flowing through the universe or a night note to self im choosing to share my most radical form

Unassigned but assigning...No sleep blog radius requires 2000 words to reguster on search engines .

..not a book 

just a current read, turned audio and now thanks to technology a visual and a man on a mussion !

plus really just a librarian list a book reference to check out.

Thats just my play pretend 9 to 5 but no i do have book refferrebce  to read  . Locally however the library is this emaculant strip club thats super lit !!!!!

HipHop heads peep the bar play metaphors 

Traffic to leads to sales by being at work from any location 

I still take consignment offers 

A pack of Gatorade go for a cool minute 

I am closing and caling and hanging up to enail and or fax and or regular mail again so far no one likes chain letters ..money come money go ......yes lets rather the coming money coning is prosperous. No you rather the me fin you to you didnt get it you got it be tryna to Rush card complain cuz you wanted 60 for signing up i said at the monent its 30 ... but nah they aint get it SCAM 

ATM 2 EBT to =a trade still considered  a steal not even a deal 

A extra deal at the same time my Capitol One flew at me with An Avengers sign  my monthly goal at the time 20,000 us dollar volume

 end of 30 day cycle 

so far fastest reach is 42-50 days  which is 12 days late to qualify on comisions on the whole target  20,000 in 30 days  small right hut it to buy a cool 2 with more zeros to have it 

Circulation i3f paper work but yes actually  benefits from blogging

 now im home thats my vacay. NO SERIOUS MISSION 

company mission statement makes them claim its PTSD My Company's Mission statement 

Standing Tall looking Good

Deeds Not Words 

Nothing fails because of logustics 

One team one fight 

So i already know i only have one job bro....

Do Me 

We Do what We Do


Now prior to those engagement there or deep rooted memories 

to life long long commitment brothers sisters its late and this is 

space rushing blogging 

Free blogs 

have a bandwdth limit 

Which is why paid plans are also awesome  thanx Wix.com 

linking with Facebook.com so easily to twitter.com

theses have been link channels for me boom 

enough already where's the link you scam..no Thus my Shit 

ha dont read and dont press my links!!!!!

 you dont want to buy but if you do and you hesitate dont touch my link you touch you buy ok. 

I am a daily authorized payment processor

The name as it appears on your method of payment

The address  Card / Account number 

First off im not doing the whole sequence but yes practice methods of owning the streams from research maximizing profits scaling up by paying down 

And yet and still wix.com stil a hobby blogging abscure forns of art mused placed oh but when my ads begin to run ads..

Market researchwill be work 



To You from anywhere in the world lets go Places..



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