The Light Of Struggling

March 27, 2019


The light of struggling when struggle is all one knows


The toughness that is in the mold 


the rough edges that create spikes

Jagged like the reefs of sea beds crushing colliding ships 


Lifts of poetic  quotations flee the  mind

 in the light of struggling 


When Bomb rushed with self defeating  what ifs

Over complicating the what is


And not letting  in the light....

The light of the struggle 


It being the part of you that has maintained against all odds and exist  


Rounds of Ice hail, raining upon your soul more crushing then the thunder that follows the lightning


The sub zero

 no below zero cold 

Hearts that turn away 

with no blanket no covers and surely no shirt from the backs.


Causes the minds insight to face the light


The bright burning  ball of warmth 

No one wants you to go into..

The light! 


Yet the struggle

 is there to be faced alone

To each thier own 


And you ,

You may feel what kind of struggling brings light 

When its like 

No light

 at the end of the tunnel 

And a bundle of jumbo size ordeals

 make a struggle seem unreal no for real!

You persists 

And struggling seens to resists

You insist 

No more!!!!

 but the struggle insteads winks an eye and blows a kiss 


The Light of Struggling 


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