• DonC'ream Del'ion

The Concrete Chronicles Part 1

Hardknock sounds

up beat get downs

large crowds

and festive meets and greets

stories of untold proportions

miscarriages and abortions

to making it defectively effectively dissect the streets

Already to many words..huh

disturbing defeats




from exes 'XOXOXOXOX

creating dominant humans in the streets descendants of religions

specifically on the specifications

of which congregations

wait what the fuck did i just say

I wont be catching feelings

The Concrete Chronicles part 1

sit tight


yeahhh U know what it is ..

aight peep

One Night like once upon a time shit open up ....

Ohh and muthafucca if u offended and lost already please step off cuz shit bout to get real.....Nephew

There was a chemist

who found religion

but conflict

at hand science or religion

Decimals and numbers

kilo bites milo liters

real dope leaders

Real coke meetings

Real throats meeting

the pavement

from the inside out

have you ever seen someones neck come out from the inside out and land on da pavement ?

Ok i know random question ... smh

back on topic

Gridlock Smith & Wesson

The chemist profession

was to do great things like botany

🙄🙄🙄🙄 growing plants did you get that?

No ok but Knotts and trees


tied to money leaves.


Hmmm the keys the keys the keys the keys

The Concrete chronicles part 1

No nothing yet sure

aye pssss subscribe its in the works

The concrete rose the concrete chronicles blogging in the main frame

From the concrete

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