March 1, 2019


Wonderful Beauty wonderful 

lost the warm up page 

Wonderful wonderfulness 

to me picking up where i left 

off is a wonderful thing ...

Is wonder around on Gods Green Earth 

Before a birth 

not an option before one can see 

 One C.....Hi C

  Tropical punch

Make it a bunch

 Fulleth my Cup 

Blessed be the ones

 overth it run


Wonderful  Happily JoyFully Thankfully Playfully Wonderful

Alphabet snippet Play my part The L

 the competition  hate the lost

 wonderfuL  (Capital L)

a miracaL (Capitail L)

 oh it was BeautifuL

By the way this blogs

 the name of the beat 

Legion Beats 


from tape cassetes

 to CD's !

Em plz Mp3z Napster



 take pennies to sell ya CDz 


For da buckz 

3 ebtz 4 one of these......

CURATOR im thrilled!!!!


When I was young 

the birds in the trees

Buzz like the Bz

Likely you heard the story 

Life is so wonderfuL 

Playful Joyful

 and wonderful 

in the garden starring

 to snare through the sounds and sigh's

  Wonderful now we can see the way not to see at all 

Patience wonder for a moment

 wondering if wonder exceeding expectations 

 is an act so wonderful it remains hard to even define 


 before we get off topic you and I 

EYEs seeing tunnels 

I see tunnels 

I see funnels 

Harriet saw underground railroads Wonderful 

Winter Wo !!!!

wool real wool 

from a real wolf 

is a wonderful garment

 and expensive ....

.Wonderful cross the boundries with that analogy for most dog lovers ...


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