The Doing Thing

January 30, 2019






Doing the thing 

doing a thing

 doing something 

While up on the late night

 listening  to my tape right 

airhead inflate like a deep breath

 when digging deep for a rep 

no help from the ref 

matter fact mind intact that 

he or she play for the other team

 them against me

 them against us 

doing a thing

 doing the thing 

Thats doing something  

Center fold bold 

eye popping  context 

Minds eye cerebral cortex

 intelect absorb minds

 my slimes wait my blood 

Cuz you my cousin 

you my blood huh

 shit gets slimey  

find me 

where the records print 

We sprint 

we go hard for the cake

 whatever it takes

 up late let it bake 

betty crocker doctor 

is it cheffing in the kitchen or mixing in the lab ?

The skills i have 


 Out loud no LOL

Oh L 

So well with words

 the ones that keep you in a moment  

to see where hes going 

is it a storey or a poem ..? 

Matter fact I know him 

now I got you in a zone over ya phone 


Say what up!

 leave a  comment

 share it because its fun 

Tap into my line even if  you 

want the one on one

Record second to none #LeftRight


The Doing Thing


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