• DonC'ream Del'ion

Unstoppable Desire

Fire lighter in a cypher

Thoughts higher

on octane

David Blain or Bain Chain


To interaction

My factions breaking fractions

with big chunks 1 4th down play can change the game

Motivate through the hate

back in action in the game maintain focused structure

Nah sucker this is me creativity FREE ..u pay for dis ..?

.building a brand getting a chance to advance in a trance

to do things I actually believe !!!! ANYTHING


I am a closer ..I am A soldier I am a Bad Mutha .....ssssssshhhhhhh

add value

add value

wow u !

Really wow u ..!

so u can stay no this is me!!!!

late break the internet

weight thick hip

scripts and clips

from yo babe just to get a sick pick from me ..dick pic from me see emojis ....😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

Anyway #MoneyDollA

back to getting paid ..been through interrogations

bad irrigation

questionable plantation

meat eaters and states of vegetation irritation.....

Y2K anhialation

enter the end of the Myan calendar with me ....

believe new things

under the Sun Horus or Rah

Thank God for Jesus !

Zeus for Hercules

The Universe for Galxies

The Earth for Properties

Wix.com for helping me

to feel creative


Nightly satisfaction just ta vent my gravitational pull on SEO TRAFFIC

#Belieber #GoLakers #GoHard




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