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July 6, 2018

What you got?

Well in early 2015 I decided to look online how to make money writing.

Before that I believed in the main hood era of Hip Hop getting paid for bars.. Zannys Whatever???


Yes Bar  for bar as lines written and practiced to show up and kill the cypher or bring  life to one.


As a writer in music I began to realize as a writer Ive never really paid attention to my return on my investment . Of Writing Have You?


High school grammar checks. 


Zoned me into one potential subscriber,  to gain. One that has given me awesome critiques, and avid points  on grammar , have  even sat down and assist me with many ,commas  periods and question marks..???/;'';;! and of course lets not skip math %>$X +=%= anyway my point isn't the grammar .


An aged programmer who use to <Insert Emoji here> to place them has arrived at a very anticipated place in the future.


Did I lose you? 


If so that's fine and if you return to later skim and even one day just read the back of my book or photo.


Know this blog wont last long just a format to hold eyes a pretty piece.


Yes however as a blog and even tho it has yet again become a place of obstacle , because the new technique is learned from a group that believe in  bending the rules and creating shortcuts and creating massive results.


Now the way I learned even facing failure and once again shredding the group of non believers so yet again some ones follows the advice from (Writing coaches  , Teachers, HipHop Gurus , Bloggers)


There is a group of resilient believers to compensate for the failures imagine some people feel like $909,752 in a year is a lost.


 So just get excited if you have yet to gain,  we all have the right and capability to create for we our in the image. Of the Creator




I personally just become bar for bar the most controlling manipulative friend that they would tolerate?

And boy do I keep friends with people who argue well.


Business Law Writing Class I got an 88.9% And I was so Pissed Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh B! A Freaking B!!!!


(High School Most shout out by me A.B Miller) A . B (Random Thought)


Meanwhile at home during homework for this particular class 

 Collegiate level, class depression became an every day feeling,

  deciding  to become the most challenging thing to co-exist with in life.

Right first off cuz  I couldn't afford the class lost my Army Pension Which I hear is Un losable ,


Yet I believe some friends will be met again with the correct moves in life made




When people try to celebrate me and  my friends who believe similar to me country Home, Land, Family, Friend    (Veterans To Remember Those who Paid the Price) Salute ,Active, retired  and to my friends Ive losts . (Random thought)


 Or no longer to breathe this air where the freedom Of creativity is exactly what I mean.


Wow I must say Its beginning to pay off adding this source of blogging to reach and connect with you....



I sold my first $5000 product by retrieving a customer from blogging and doing it daily !


You ever do something that you really wanted to do and people said it was impossible  yet you do it anyway?


I also built my first list of subscribers and I appreciate each and everyone of you .


Especially those of you have made it back even through the turmoil.


Now my sight with more creativity with more knowledge known will be focus on value building and creating daily.....


the older guys were giving me classes on creating business before the internet and I appreciate you all too.


Also to you those that just appreciate my work you know this is therapy for my



But Ima Ima Ima Hustla homie you beta ask about me . so now its my


#Motivation to motivate myself and if I'm blessed to motivate others than let it so be.


Meanwhile for now when the blogs go through cyber hacking laws and etc and shut down I will have my note book my pen and a group of books I love to re quote.


creating building my brand For now thank you to this is a free sight giving me a place cuz right now I just wanted to blog .... aye if your back subscribe below 


It takes a Team To be a team perhaps we dnt need each other but could win  by using each other .





Win More Creamlocc Don Cream Delion Young Atki aka Young Problem



The Founder



P.S Right there was a time writing was considered only my freetime especially if I free for all  # LoveAllHatesNone and Ima Holla Atcha





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