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Never To Never Again, Again?

I will never , but wait isn't the saying to never say never.

Yet the never seems to always creep its little head out of the mystic place of never to return, and finds away for never to happen when it isn't suppose to.

Confusing ..? Right! Im sure you may re-read that and still be confused, so let me give you an example of what I mean. Lets talk love for a second or for better wording lack of love.

Have you ever loved a person and it made you vulnerable? Maybe to a point where you were hurt and you swore you would (never) love a person or let someone get that close again?

If you answered yes than you, like a high percentage of of us are probably someone who has experienced my confusing title for this piece (Never to Never again, Again)

Right it its not necessarily a love thing this has to be connected to right we all for the most part do it we promise our selves to never give up or maybe to never give in yet it is cliche to say I would never fall in love again. Why the answer is clear Never say never

Never not fall in Love again.

Never Not believe again.

never not try again.

Endings are new beginnings yet the experiences of new beginnings are not offered until we reach the ending Never seeing it coming, believing it will never end NEVER Existing in the moment Promising to Never miss out on an opportunity again.

Yet you know what Even when we commit to never again never need to move in a matter that cause for survival methods to create one purpose but to survive.

Realize We you or I was never in control of the never because you Never know when the never happens nevermind me tho Im just building my web site for my business some say will never succeed...until next time leave a comment subscribe if you vibe think twice if you

and Never do if you wont never or never say ever

Never subscribe again.....Never

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