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What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s MoneyDollA Records. I love writing about my passions, I love the Idea That we are capable to create greatness from dirt and or clay. MoneyDollA Records began as a  dedication to my late now deceased brother Marquon Deshawn Atkinson,  which is why Im  so adamant about the capitilization in the spellig MDA Records (M)oney(D)oll(A). I began searching for away to encrypt him into my idea of building a businees as a positive to remember him as he  had passed away. Quick side story about my bro which the more you get to know me I will talk about constantly, along with my other umteen siblings. My brother Marquon which we called Marty for short, was born with challenges at birth Cerebralpalsy Quadriplegic,  as far as as me and my other siblings, we were  born with minor difficulties. Point being while my brother Marty was alive, we had a connection a bond. A Bond he and I grew very strong over the years. we use to have long talks about truly being able to do what ever we would put our minds to. The Human mind is a remarkable thing! When applied , even with the difficulties faced from birth my  brother lived to the wonderful age of 18 . I later learned  for specific birth challenges to be a long life My brothers relationship with me began as  sole fuel for MoneyDollA Records! One reason I can reflect on , would be because in our long conversations we would debate on the wildest topics for the human psyche. Really focusing  on Unlocking all barries that may be place upon thee  by outside forces. Mind you we are Xmen fans. So all though his challenges were that of walking and things of that nature , which alot of us get to take for granted, including me sometimes! This was crucial because, It gave me a first hand lesson that the mind can not be trapped or caged it is free if you allow it to be, the human mind can do great things with the right mindset,even with out full use of the entire body. With Marty's difficulties people always expressed to my brother what cant be done and well he was more combative to the idea of what can be done.  I had many friends lose large wods of cash to him in many bets!  Primarily John Madden which is an American football video game designed to react to real life football situations and oh brother did we go through a large amount of broken remote controls and people screaming that the game had to be rigged but what those people didnt see was my brother spending long nights combating my other siblings and myself or the computer system until he would proclaim victory. This is  a small glimpse into the desire of creating MoneyDollA Records what it is, what it stands for ,to me its my reminder straight from my brother to me that mindset alone and commitment, anything can be done and all though he is no longer with me in the flesh, It helps me remember to work with what you got and make it happen and believe you can make it happen. "For if you can believe you can achieve it."